Mole Calculations Summer Booster Classes

👍The ultimate guide to Mole Calculations in Chemistry.

🛎️ It is important to become competent in calculating reacting quantities in Chemistry.  

🛎️ It is fundamental to what a Chemist does on a day-to-day basis. 

⚠️ As far as the exam goes, these questions carry 20-25% of the marks! 

✅Book your place on my Summer Booster online classes. 

✅Daily at 10.00am -11.00am BST from 22 – 27 August 2022. 


In my Mole calculations Summer Booster course, I offer an explicit strategy and understanding of the structure of the questions and plenty of practice at applying it.  

Feedback is immediate and individualised, with access to exclusive online tutorials to explain how to do the question where it has been problematic. 

🕕 Give me six hours, and I'll help you to improve your grade in Chemistry! 


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🛎️Classes are only open to 15 students.

✅The content of the course is presented with the slides of the presentation made available as a pdf.

✅A video of the live presentation is accessible after each section.

✅There are opportunities to ask questions and check learning during the class.

✅Exam practice questions are given online to consolidate learning and extend into self study.

✅Feedback is given online, with exclusive access to tutorials addressing problems.


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