Teacher Planner for Practical Subjects

You know how it goes when you teach a practical subject – a lesson title and scheme of learning reference is not enough.

❓What equipment and substances do you need?

⚠️What hazards do you need to think of?

When you have got all that listed, then you have got to get the order slips from the prep room.

❓Planning homework? Sorted, but…

⁉️Did you set it?

❓Did you check it in the lessons?

❓And was Bobby away when it was set?

❓When was that?

Trivial things for sure, but they all add up and you do not have that time to waste. 



✨Maximise your efficiency and minimise these little irritations with everything in the one place in this tracker, including Order Slips.

📅Plan your lessons in one place, include printing, assessment tasks, equipment, with quick tick boxes when it is done, or record if you need the practical again.

📅Plan your homework timetable to spread your workload, keep track of other duties, intervention/detentions, and assignments to assess.

🗒️Take note of progress through the week and of whole school priorities with the Weekly Planner and To Do page. 


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Features of The Ultimate Teacher’s Planner for Practical Subjects 

 Where the lesson is in the learning scheme and what it’s about. 

 What to order from the technician, if you’ve got it in the room and a quick indication if you’ll need it again next lesson 

✅ How will students demonstrate learning. 

 Plan Homework and track that it was set with due date. 

 Easy record that you checked or didn’t check due HW. 

 Reminder that HW is due and when it was set – quick to check for absent students! 

 Quick note reminders from or for the lesson. 

 What photocopying/printing you need for the lesson and has it been done. 

 Order slips for the technicians at the end of each week’s planning pages so you can fill them as you plan wherever you are without running to the prep room to get some more. 

 Blank timetables with planning space for when HW is set and due for different classes and space for regular after school meetings or activities. 

 Mark pages as you would expect, with alternating-coloured rows to track across easily. 

 Weekly Planner and To Do tracker to stay organised with all the other bits of information and events that happen in the week of a busy teacher. 


Everything you need in one place. Get it out of your head and onto the page so that you can just get on with the job you love with the overwhelm of trying to hold the information in your head. 


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