The complete suite of organic chemistry reactions pathway. It can seem overwhelming with the number of reactions to learn before you can apply your knowledge, but save yourself some time and have them all summarised in one place, for individual functional groups as you go along and finally, when you need them all to interconnect when you have to devise a synthetic route. Turn them into  learning game to help you to memorise them, and have them handy when you are answering questions on organic synthesis. They will save you some headaches!

Completed Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways 1

These spider diagram charts map out the key Organic Chemistry Reactions for the first year of A level Chemistry course. They summarise the reaction conditions needed to convert alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and halogenoalkanes into other functional groups. The displayed formulae of the functional groups are given, along with the name of reaction mechanism and type and any other pertinent annotations. These pathways are the ideal go to when dealing with organic synthesis type questions and are very useful when turned into a game for learning to remember.

Completed Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways 2

This second set of pathways is in a similar format to the first set and covers the functional groups studied in the second year of the A level Chemistry course: aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, arenes and nitrogen compounds. Again, these charts are useful to have ready to hand when answering synthesis type questions and can be used to make a learning game. In the process of being updated…coming soon.

Infographic of Mole Calculations

Map for Mole Calculations and Infographic

Summary of the underlying processes involved in doing Mole Calculations in Chemistry. Very helpful to be explicitly aware of the structure when tackling those big mark, unstructured questions. Don’t get lost…follow the map.



Organic chemistry reaction pathways

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