One to One Tuition

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Why One to One tuition?

This one is my VIP option where you get my undivided attention!

The focus of the whole session is on where your needs are and what we can do to maximise your learning.

You also get ongoing support in between sessions: I invest in your success!

To arrange a conversation or some 1:1 Tuition sessions with me, please schedule a time of your convenience directly into my calendar.



One to One Format

❓Where do you want help?

✅You choose the topic we work on.

✅The session allows for explanation where you need it through live presentations.

✅Presentations are recorded – solely for you – so that you can review the teaching again if you want to.

✅Your learning is applied through practice of past exam questions via an interactive workbook and continous feedback, both written and verbal throughout.

✅The form of our learning conversation will help to develop strategies specific to you to help you to progress.

✅ You have access to your Online Classroom 24/7, so you can review/practice/get your resources whenever you need them.

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Service Features

It's all about you!

You choose the topic we need to work on.

Do you have a test to prepare for?

Are you grappling with the current topic you are learning in lessons?

We work to meet your needs.


Developing Understanding

We have a learning conversation about where your issues are.

We check your understanding of the concepts and content.

I explain theories and concepts you are unsure of.


We work on applying your learning to past exam questions.

We check your learning against the exam mark scheme.

I give you feedback on how to improve your written answers to get more marks where appropriate.

Remote feedback is also given between lessons if you provide work or questions through the classroom.


Informed by the practice and feedback, we identify the problem areas in understanding and applying that understanding to the exam question.

I help you to develop strategies to help you to overcome your blocks and to improve your written expression.

I also create/supply online tutorials and resources informed by our lessons that will help you to improve your learning where appropriate.

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