Online Small Group Tuition

Small Group Tuition

Why Group Tutorials?

In a group of no more than four students, this option provides an economical way of receiving more support than is normally received in a school or college setting. While having elements of one to one tuition, it perhaps may feel less intense and have advantages of forming a peer study buddy group, the power of which is not to be underestimated.

Tutorial Group Format

Students may form a group with up to three friends at the time of booking, or may be added to a group which is not already full. A summary of the content of a topic may be presented, and a significant time spent working interactively on past paper questions, with each student recieving personalised written feedback.

Student group

Service Features

Negotiated topics

The topic chosen to work on in a session will be chosen and agreed by the group.

As a students in the group you will have a say, and topics pertinent to each student will be built into the framework of the tutorials.

Individual Attention

You will receive some individual attention where you can receive support either on the topic in hand, or if you have a question or problem area you would like to look at.


 We will work from a past exam questions workbook, applying what we have been learning in the topic.

We will mark questions and address any problem areas that arise.

I will give you individualised feedback based on your written answers.


Informed by feedback, I will help you to develop strategies to learn the content and concepts, and to help you to improve your written response to the questions.

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