Why choose a class?

Classes are helpful to cover or review a chunk of the course material for revision purposes, or to catch up on missed learning or where a topic is not well understood. Classes may help to identify, via the online quick check exercise, areas that need further work and deeper development.

Class Format

Classes are open to more students. The content of the course is presented with the slides of the presentation made available as a pdf.  There are opportunities to ask questions and check learning during the class, and receive online feedback from completion of an online quick check exercise. All class members will recive an invitation to join the exclusive online Facebook tutor group, where follow up live tutorials will be given, informed by problem areas identified in the online exercise.

Service Features

Brain Download

Maybe you need a review of the information in the selected topic.

What do I need to know?

What are the key learning points in this topic?

Maybe your understanding of the topic is not as you would like.

Content is presented and the slides available as pdf to form your notes.

Developing understanding

Opportunities to ask questions will be available in the class.

Where possible, learning points raised will be addresses.

Where deeper explanations are needed or wanted than time permits, a link to an online tutorial will be presented to further the learning based on the questions asked.


Learning of the key points will be checked using an online quiz.

Feedback will be given via the quiz, based on answers received.

Membership to an exclusive Facebook Tutor group will provide further feedback in a live session to add address problems identified in the quiz.


Areas of difficulty or where learning could be further developed are identified form the feedback from the quiz.

Suggestions to move forward on these problem areas may be through specific direction to an online tutorial on that area or open the possibility for a small group tutorial or one to one session on that area of the topic.

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