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Margaret Mary McFadyen
Perhaps your hard work is not paying off in your grade?

Perhaps you started slowly and need to up your game?

You understand it, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to answering questions?



I am the Chemistry Tutor who can help you, whatever the reason.

Chemistry is my thing. I love it. With a PhD and more than 28 years teaching and tutoring experience, it still hasn’t lost its sparkle and I love to share. As a skilled strategist, I am good at figuring out where the block is, and finding a way to overcome it.

Your success makes me feel happy! Look no further. I am The Chemistry Tutor who will make you feel that you have your  teacher in your own home.

I said I love to share and I do. I make whiteboard tutorials and other learning resources which I share with students and other teachers and tutors online, all with the purpose of furthering education in Chemistry.

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Address: 6 St Ethelberts Close, Thurton

Norwich, NR14 6BA

Phone: 07984530650

Business Hours:

10.00-8.30 Mon – Sat

Organic chemistry reaction pathways

FREE! Completed Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways.

With reagents, conditions, reaction mechanism and type for alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and  halogenoalkanes.

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