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What People Are Saying

Margaret Mary has been with us for about 7 years. During this time she has taken a number of Chemistry courses for us during the school holidays and her student feedback has been very good. Students describe her as being friendly, informative and having good subject knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending Margaret Mary as a tutor. 


Tutor Recruitment Manager

My son (in final year studying for A’Levels) needed some extra support and help understanding some of the concepts in Chemistry, and then practicing the areas he is less strong in.  We found Margaret-Mary’s details in our local shop and have not looked back!  She fully engages him and has helped enormously by filling in the critical gaps.  He clearly enjoys the 1hr. 30 minute sessions once a week, is more confident, and his Chemistry teachers have told us that they noticed a marked difference in class from the moment he started the extra classes.  We, including my son, have no hesitation in recommending Margaret-Mary wholeheartedly. 



Dyslexia is very individual to each person. Margaret Mary tailor made an approach to me. She recognised and acknowledged my difficulties, she identified and interpreted patterns (many of which I hadn’t noticed) that were hindering me, then developed effective strategies which I still employ today in my working life. I can wholeheartedly recommend Margaret Mary as a tutor – she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding and is generous in sharing these.


Student and teacher


Stressed Out Students and Where to Find Them

Stressed Out Students and Where to Find Them

Stressed out students and where to find them? If you are a parent or teacher, or even a student yourself, you will know exactly where to find them. Anyone who has ever been through exams at school - so basically everyone beyond the age of reason (classed as seven...

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VSEPR theory and the Shapes of Molecules

VSEPR theory and the Shapes of Molecules

VSEPR theory (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repusion) is what we use to explain the shapes of molecules in Chemistry.  I have said before that Size Matters in Chemistry, but shape also matters. We can talk about the VSEPR as a starter, all the way up to enzymes, and...

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Process in Chemistry – 5 Useful Diagrams

Process in Chemistry – 5 Useful Diagrams

There are many processes in Chemistry and when learning about them, it can be very useful to summarise them. Process diagrams, flow diagrams, process maps - whatever you call them - outline the important steps. A process starts in one situation and goes through a...

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Revision Strategies for Revision Mindmap

Revision Strategies for Revision Mindmap

Download the Revision Strategies for Exams Mindmap as a pdf.

Success - your mindmap is on its way. Check you emai.

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