What I Do

I help A level and GCSE students who want to improve or consolidate their Chemistry grade by helping them to:

  1.  understand the content and concepts,
  2. develop strategies for learning Chemistry
  3. improve accuracy in written expression by paying attention to the fine details.

My Philosophy

I have always been interested in theories about learning and in particular, in how to apply theory to my practice to ensure the best possible outcomes for my students. The two most important studies of studies that I have been influenced by with particular reference to exam attainment conclude that good quality teacher feedback and plenty of exam practice are the most effective strategies for improving student grades.

My Methods

In applying these two important ideas to tuition, I work with students I tutor online using topic based interactive workbooks made up with a variety of past exam questions. Through sharing, I work with the student on the workbook, annotating with comments during our learning conversation in a video conference. Misconceptions, weaker area in terms of conceptual understanding and inaccuracies in written expression – all areas that can lead to lost marks – are picked up effectively with this strategy. Mark schemes are used to consolidate exam technique.

My Goals

I enjoy seeing students become more confident in Chemistry. My aim is to support and encourage, to help to consolidate or improve their grade in order that students can move on to their next step. Whatever the reason for opting for tuition, I aim to work with you so that you are successful.

One to one tuition

VIP treatment. Review of content and exam practice tailored to your own specific needs.

Small Group tutorials

 Groups of up to four. Review of content and exam practice.


Open to more students. Good for covering material and revision of topics.

Organic chemistry reaction pathways

FREE! Completed Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways.

With reagents, conditions, reaction mechanism and type for alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and  halogenoalkanes.

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