Resources & Tools

Here are links to some of my resources and tools.

I make whiteboard tutorials to support students with learning. Sometimes, I might go a bit slower that I would in class in order to develop a point more fully; sometimes they are to deal with something a student has asked for help with; sometimes they are to help students who have missed learning to catch up. Students tell me that they are helpful, because they can choose the one they need and watch it at their own pace. I also share resources for learning (and teaching) on TES. 

Reaction pathways

FREE! Completed Alkene Reaction Pathways.

With reagents, conditions, reaction mechanism and type.

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Revision Strategies for exams

Revision Strategies Mindmap

Not sure how to revise? Download my Revision Strategies Mindmap for lots of ideas.

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Preview Lesson for my Mole Calculations Online Course

Check out this preview lesson on percentage yield in my Mole Calculations course. If you like the format, I may have a course to meet your needs.

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