Organic Chemistry Reaction Pathways


Are you, or your A level Chemistry students struggling to remember all those Organic reactions?

Help them to conquer the confusion and answer those reaction pathways questions like a PRO. 

The FREE video demonstrates how to turn those pathways charts into a game so they can be learned painlessly.

Easy peasy! 



This set of charts covers the A level Chemistry specifically for named exam board specifications, laying out each of the functional groups studied in the course.

❤️Red boxes show reagent and conditions.

💚Green boxes show the functional group.

💙Blue boxes are reaction mechanism and type.

💜Purple boxes contain further annotations or points to note. 

Don't spend hours searching through notes to make your own.

Save yourself valuable time by having the reactions there when you need to refer to them.

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Functional groups covered in the charts:







✅Aldehydes and Ketones

✅Carboxylic acids and their derivatives



✅Grignard Reagents for EDEXCEL





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