Mole Calculations Short Courses


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It is important to become competent in calculating reacting quantities in chemistry. It is fundamental to what a chemist does on a day-to-day basis, and as far as chemistry exams go, these questions can carry 20-25% of the marks of the paper. These short courses break the Mole Calculations topic into smaller, different modules grouped around using masses, concentrations of solutions and gases and balancing equations using moles.. Perhaps it is only one part of the topic you need to review.

I offer an explicit strategy and understanding of the structure of the questions and plenty of practice at applying it. Feedback is immediate and individualized, with access to exclusive online tutorials to explain how to do the question where it has been problematic.

If you want them all choose All modules for £20.00.

What will you learn in these short courses?

Modules 1&2:

Using the concept of the mole in relation to formulae and equations.

Recognizing the underlying structure in mole calculations and using it with calculations involving masses.

Modules 3 & 4:

Using the mole in calculations involving solutions and concentration.

Using mole calculations to find concentrations of solutions from acid-base titrations.

Modules 5 & 6:

Using the mole in calculations involving gases, including using the Ideal gas equation.

Finding and using the mole ratio to balance chemical equations.

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Modules 1 and 2: Using Masses, Modules 3 and 4: Solutions, concentrations and Acid/Base Titrations, Modules 5 and 6: Gases and Equations, All Modules


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✅A series of video presentations teaching the topic.

✅A pdf of the presentation slides as your notes.

✅Flashcards to help you to learn the key definitions and formulae.

✅An audio recording of the flashcards to help you to learn the key definitions and formulae.

✅Practice questions after each section.

✅Instant online feedback on the practice questions.

✅Exclusive online tutorials explaining how to do each of the practice questions.


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