Online Small Group Tuition.

Groups of up to four.

Tuition sessions are extended to allow time for significant individual attention for each student in the group.

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To arrange a conversation or some group tutorial sessions with me, please schedule a time of your convenience directly into my calendar.

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In my Small Group Tutoring, students get:

✅ Access to their EXCLUSIVE classroom, 24/7.

✅ Access to a qualified, experienced and skilled subject expert, live during lessons, remotely between lessons.

✅ A live presentation of content during the lesson and access to the video recording of the presentation for further reference afterwards.

✅ A pdf of the content presentation for their own notes, 

✅ Collaborative working in workbooks of past exam questions.

✅ Mark schemes for workbooks for students to check their answers.

✅ Individual feedback in their workbooks in a variety of ways:  written, audio or video comments; links to my online tutorials; explanations presented online on the whiteboard pasted into their workbooks, 

✅Further feedback between lessons where further self study is done.

✅First refusal and 20% discount on any of my live online classes.


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Synergistic advantages of small group tutoring (max size of 4):

✅Breakout rooms where students can receive more focused individual attention, or some students could join to work on a problem together during the session.

Motivation – sometimes, when we might not feel like it, we keep going because the others in the group are still working, 

Challenge – working with our peers, and people who are even a little ahead of us inspires us to raise our own game, 

Support – if we are stuck, one of our peers can help or we can help one of our peers if they are stuck. Showing it to someone else helps to clarify and consolidate us on our own learning, 

Enjoyment – teenagers, like adults, enjoy more and engage more in the learning when they are with friends 

✅ Better value for money than 1:1 tutoring: sharing activities such as the presentations cuts the cost and working on the workbook questions while I circulate round, feeding back to each student individually means you are not paying for me to wait while your student writes an answer to a question, 

✅Workbooks allow students to work on questions at their own pace 

✅Should any student want a 1:1 session to have more input on a difficult topic, this is available to them at the lower group price, rather than the higher price for 1:1 tuition. 

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