Looking After My Beans – A Tracker to Help Manage Chronic Fatigue

If you, or someone you know, has ME/CFS, this tracker can help reduce the boom-and-bust pattern that characterises this long-term health condition. Although the experience described is specifically ME/CFS, it may also be useful in other long-term health conditions such as fibromyalgia and long COVID, which are also associated with chronic fatigue.



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Chronic fatigue is a debilitating long-term health condition that can leave the sufferer feeling powerless and low.

😟everything is an effort

😟muscles are heavy and aching

😟the things that that usually bring joy seem a bit too much

😟falling asleep when watching a film happens

😟dragging daytime sleep is difficult to wake from

😟tossing and turning during the night leaves you already exhausted in the morning

😟sometimes it is too difficult to get out of bed or off the sofa

😟bad days follow good days because the tendency is to overdo it on the good days

😟it takes a week or more to recover from an energy disturbing event

If some of these things, and there are more, resonate with you this tracker is for you! Drawn from personal experience, it identifies key factors that can help to stabilise energy when living with chronic fatigue syndrome. Cognitive awareness and setting targets and limits can make the line between being ill and living with a long-term health condition sharper, even when the line moves daily.


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This weekly tracker can help develop that cognitive awareness.

✅transition from one week to the next with the Targets, Limits Focus page

✅notice averages for wellbeing, energy and weight, if you are watching it

✅adjust targets and limits where appropriate for the week to come

✅choose three areas to focus on based on where you are now and how last week was

✅set your own mission statement and change it as appropriate

✅record in seconds through the day with a satisfying tick

✅making the bed, getting washed and dressed and stepping outside are considered achievements worthy of note…if you know, you know!

✅put data from your fitness tracker, if you have one, in the wider context

✅space to input your activities/movement of choice

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